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Areas that add value to your life

External Beauty

Surprising, inspiring


Roofs with the power of renewal

The Power of Colors

The tone you want, the color you want

The Effort of Renewal

Interior decorations that break their shell

Relaxing Bath

Bathrooms that relieve the tiredness of the day

Creating a New Housing Effect


With the pandemic, housing and living spaces have become more important. Hygiene-oriented living, creating a work area at home, comfortable rooms, kitchen and bathroom have become the main features sought. Changes in our lives have been the triggers of changes in our home.

As C&CO, we produce new ideas and new projects for you to spend comfortable time in your home in pandemic or normal times, and we ensure that the most accurate materials are used to realize these ideas and projects.

We are a very special team that has the ability to use and apply modern and traditional designs together.


Our main services:

  • Full concept architectural service

  • Special service for bathroom and kitchen renovation

  • Special service for the renovation of living and working areas

  • Special service in the design and application of Hygiene-oriented products such as antibacterial surfaces, paints and fabrics