Commercial Consultancy & Design

Solution Oriented Approach in Commercial Design


Commercial spaces are important areas that catch the customers' first eye and make them choose you. The use of materials, light and color, and the presentation of the concept are all factors that make your product and
brand reach higher preference.
Regardless of the sector and business area, we are with you with our project and implementation power at every stage of the process.

As C&CO, we know the importance of commercial design, analyze it from the perspective of the customer and the operator, and care about having noticeable spaces.


Our main services:

* Commercial space consultancy

* Project consultancy and implementation

* Material selection and application

* Spatial analysis and suggestions

* Alternative design idea development and implementation

Business Consultant
Fancy Store

Our design formula;
* Light
* Natural stone
* Metal
* Color
* It consists of wood.

You can benefit from our experience in the
main areas listed below;
* Clothing store
* Restaurant
* Organic shop
* Bistro
* Office
* Coffee shop