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We are a team that set out to redesign work and home living spaces with changing functions.

We bring together the comfort, warmth and purpose of use of the spaces in design. Our renovation and decoration projects designed with special stones, wood, metal, paint and lights take which their final shape according to your wishes and expectations.


In a Renovation and Decoration project;
- Let's improve your visual comfort with light.
- Let's reflect aesthetics and naturalness with stone
- Let's make stylish touches with metal
- Let's reflect your style with paint ...

Our Team
Canan Demir

She has a 10-year history of construction and renovation based on local governments and construction projects. Experienced leader of the C&CO family.
Hasan Gül
Production and Application Manager

Joined the C&CO family to use he is 15 years of manufacturing and application experience in distinguished jobs. All renovation and decorating works are in good hands.
Zaza Demir
Concept and Product Manager

He is in the C&CO family with 15 years of experience to select and present natural stone, wood, metal, color, light and furniture products for special concept works.
Victoria Kelly
Sales Manager

She is a professional who will help you with everything you want, from cabinet doors to complete house renovation. With 10 years of experience, C&CO joined the family.
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